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through restorative justice.

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Restorative Justice Starts Here

Probation is the first “alternative to incarceration,” a gateway for community safety to reduce crime and recidivism among youth. In probation camps, youth establish working relationships with probation staff and community-based providers, learning structure, safety, and security, and acquiring skills and knowledge from educated and trained staff with unique training and experience in working with youth. 


As Probation staff, we grew up in – and often still live in – the communities in which justice-involved youth and adults reside. We attend religious services, pay our mortgages and taxes, and vote. Our children go to schools alongside these justice-involved youth. 


We are personally invested in the environment & improvement of our communities. And we have the required educational backgrounds and degrees, special training, and years of probation experience necessary to making a difference in the lives of justice-involved youth & adults. 


Please take just fifteen minutes to watch this award-winning documentary and hear – in their own words – former probation clients discuss how their lives were changed by their Deputy Probation Officer.

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